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Have you ever wished that you could win a million dollars or something you always wanted? Well that is what this website is all about, is to give you a chance. There are so many things that people wish for but just do not have the money to do it because it is to expensive. This website is design to give everyone a chance to get something they wish for.

How this works is up to you and everyone one else who is willing to give it a chance. You see people everyday buying lottery tickets or scratch offs hoping they will win the jackpot or more money then what they spent on the ticket, but most cases you don’t win you waste hundreds and even thousands of dollars a year on tickets hoping to win. Or your going to the mall and you see all this nice clothes you wish you could have, but don’t have the money so you shop the clearance aisle. Now think, what if you can put some money somewhere were you could have a chance of winning something you always wanted or something that you would enjoy. Well here is your chance to do it.

How this works depends on how many people are willing to take a chance to get a chance. Everyone who wants at least one chance they need to submit $10.00, it doesn’t matter if you get your chances from different ways( Listed further down), you need to at least submit $10.00. The money that you submit along with everyone else is what is going to give you the chance. That money is going to go towards what the rewards are going to be. On December 1st 2009 Is when the drawing will be held. We will count how much money we have from everyone that entered and wanted to take a chance. 1 lucky winner will win $1,000,000. After we pick are big winner, we will start drawing names and pick something off of there top 5 “I wish I had” list for them to win. Depending on how much money we have will determine how many winners we will have. So it is all up to you and everyone else who is willing to take a chance.

Remember there are a lot of people in this world, and if everyone were to contribute at least $10.00 then we would have a lot of lucky winners. That $10.00 or even $100.00 you put towards your chance could win you $1,000,000 or even a house or car. So think about it, don’t you think that its worth the chance to put a little bit of money towards something that could turn out to be something big.

There are a few ways you can enter but you need to enter with cash once

Cash entry’s. For every $10 equals 1 entry.

1 entry = $10.00

2 entry = $20.00

4 entry = $40.00

7 entry = $70.00

And so on

Business cards- if you want to hand out business cards to people (don’t forget to indicate it on the piece of paper your sending in) for every 5 people that send in your business card you will get 1 extra entry, 10 people will give you 2 extra entry’s, 15 people will give you 3 extra entries and so on.

Myspace or face book- If you can get people off of myspace or face book that is another way. The entries will be the same for business cards. 5 people 1 entry 15 people 3 entries and so on. Make sure when you get people this way to have them indicate your name when they send in there entry form so we know to put credit by your name.

**Remember the more people you talk to and have them particiapte the better chance you will have to win. Word of mouth can take you along way, and on your way to win something big.**

What you need to do when you are going to enter:

Take a piece of notebook paper, on the top left you are going to put your name, address, phone number and email address

Center of the page you need to put your “ Top 5 I wish I could have” list

Bottom of the page your going to put how you heard about this website: (business card, name of some one who referred you, face book, myspace, ect.) We need to know so that the people that referred you can get credit for more entry’s.

If you want to have business cards to hand out to people to give you more chances to enter, you need to let me know how many you would like.

After you have completed the following information you put your cash in the center of the paper fold the paper up and stick it in an envelope and mail it to:

MK-a chance

2578 Enterprise rd suite 215

Orange city, fl 32763

Thats all you have to do to be on your way for a chance to win!

**If you have any questions please feel free to email us at:**

**The reason we do cash is because of all the identity theft going on and people taking peoples credit card numbers that we don’t want you to worry. Plus the million dollar winner, will receive a suit case full of cash.**